The Drill

An exploration of safety drills and emergency response training, The Drill takes the idea of disaster “rehearsals” to explore anxieties around terrorism. Mashing up documentary film and devised theatre in the company’s signature deconstructed style, this multimedia show examines how these fears have become ingrained in the daily life of today’s cities, and asks whether we might be able to imagine something radically different.

From workshops in our workplaces to the large-scale scenarios using actors, fake wounds and explosives we see on the news, what kinds of futures are we being encouraged to picture and prepare for – and how might these “rehearsals” bleed into our off-stage lives?
Live Director: Billy Barrett
Video Director: Dorothy Allen-Pickard
Writers: Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens
Cast: Amarnah Amuludun, Luke Lampard, Ellice Stevens
Lighting Designer / Production Manager: Ethan Hudson
Sound Designer: Kieran Lucas
Assistant Camera: Jak Payne
The Drill is co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, The Bike Shed Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, HOME and New Diorama Theatre, and supported by Arts Council England.
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