After the Act


‘A Section 28 musical.’

Abseiling lesbians! Queers in classrooms! Perverts panicking parents! And an act of oppression that inspired a generational riot.

Twenty years after its repeal, the children of Section 28 are taking to the stage.

We unpack a turning point in LGBTQ+ British history, singing and dancing over the grave of this national anniversary.

Commissioned by New Diorama Theatre
Co-Produced by Brighton Dome and Festival, HOME, Warwick Arts Centre and New Diorama Theatre
Supported by National Theatre Studio and China Plate
Photos credit Alex Brenner
Tika Mu'Tamir
Ellice Stevens
EM Williams
Zachary Willis

Ellie Showering

Director: Billy Barrett
Writer: Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens
Composer and Musical Director: Frew
Assistant Musical Director: Ellie Showering
Choreographer: Sung Im Her
Design: Lizzy Leech
Video Design: Zakk Hein
Lighting Design: Jo Underwood
Sound Design: Owen Crouch
Music Production: Frew & Owen Crouch
Associate Musican: Rachel Barnes
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