The Half-Acre

"Thorw flodes and thorw foule wederes, fruyttes shollen fayle."

Breach was invited to create The Half-Acre by Penned in the Margins for Fair Field - a series of performances and events responding to the medieval epic Piers Plowman.

Splicing together a contemporary deconstruction of part of the poem - “The Ploughing of the Half-Acre” - with visuals shot around Ledbury’s farms and London’s supermarkets, this multimedia “dream vision” explores changing structures of work, our relationship to food and its environmental impact. 

Pushing its performers to their physical limit with repetitive choreography, The Half-Acre draws parallels between the collapse of feudalism and today’s economic crises, culminating in an apocalyptic, Middle English climate prophecy.

Written and directed by
Billy Barrett
Ellice Stevens
(Additional material by Sophie Steer)

Video by
Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Performed by
Robin Berry
Michael Oku
Sophie Steer
Ellice Stevens


Assistant Camera
Jak Payne

The Half-Acre was commissioned by Penned in the Margins for Fair Field, which it conceived and produced. The project was co-commissioned by Ledbury Poetry Festival and Shoreditch Town Hall, and supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and King's College London Cultural Institute.